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Why is your business and/or product the next BIG thing?

Wecology is a pioneering endeavor in the  intersection between food, health, mindfulness, sleep, beauty, and mental health. It is an opportunity for people to explore the world by cooking creatively - without the stress of buying individual spices or getting to know particular cooking techniques.* Through its sauces, Wecology makes it easy for you to travel the world from your kitchen; to feel the elements through your kitchens and headphones; and to connect with others through our mobile app.

People have always been seeking ways to deepen their connections: food has been one of the most essential elements of that. The travelers among us have all sought to know another place by trying its local delights - be they bagels, beignets, or bammy. The world-over, people have used meals to celebrate moments, make engagements, seal partnerships, and otherwise connect.


Cooking has always been more intimate: one must cook or cook elsewhere and/or solve for food restrictions. Yet, one may want to share - show their vulnerability (what if it doesn't turn out tastily, etc.). This makes cooking a connective endeavor (if anyone comes over). If no one comes over, cooking is still sharable on the internet and chat - their are endless cooking sites and even more endless  equalizing possibility makes a cooked meal unique. In both cases, friends/peers cooking for each other or managers cooking for their subordinates, the connection between people will expand. Because cooking is like that: it feeds the soul, the mind, and the body.

The wellness component of Wecology is built to be redundant: there is the wellness aspect of community: sharing, interaction, and giving; there is the wellness aspect of functional ingredients: beauty, tranquility, etc.,; there is the wellness aspect of mindfulness: the Five Elements as tangible and metaphoric, re-emphasized through audio and guided practices; and the wellness  aspect of nutrition: all the recipes are made without added sugars, without nuts or gluten, without meat, and with respect to protein and fiber content.

The global wellness economy was anywhere between $1.5-4.4 Tn in 2020/2021 according to McKinsey and the Global Wellness Institute. The trend is continually upwards with the mix changing and health and food consistently constituting a majority. Other significant components are beauty, sleep, and mindfulness. Plant-based sauces that save time and energy while enabling an expansion of one's world from one's own kitchen... Recipes for delicious and nutritious dishes that expand one's experience base through soundtracks... An app that enables you to broadcast, share, chat, and give - an app that fosters true community and meaning: these are the elements that comprise Wecology. We're not a sauce company, a recipe site, or a cooking app - we're a culinary  wellness adventure of elemental connection.

This is the time: elementally connected cooking.

If you had the chance to pitch your business to Gordon Ramsay, what would you say to him to make him take that leap of faith on you?


Gordon, you've been through ups and downs; your children who are so much younger than you and for whom you've  done your best have also had their ups and downs. My company isn't going to promise any downs, but it is addressing them by focusing on creating connection. This, in our case, is connection to ingredients, to the elements that transform them, to the recipes and dishes that result - and to everyone else in the community, be they passively connected or actively.

Using harsh words in pressurized situations is s effective TV; to reach new markets, it seems like a different approach might be useful. Wecology is offering not only a different approach but a uniquely different one: a culinary wellness adventure.

My company is pre-launch and consequently limited in terms of market feedback. With you as a supporter, I know it will reach a pinnacle while performing significant services: even this evening, I mentioned having made a vegan pastélon to a nearby person and he was shocked. Vegan? Pastélon?

If Wecology only accomplishes introductions of banana as a possible sauce ingredient, or miso as a possible pasata topping, or mustard as a possible alternative to spicy chocolate, etc. it's okay. Those who tried would have become Wecologists, and that's enough.

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