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Tibetan Philosophy

There are innumerable resources about Tibetan philosophy / Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine. These links are for your reference only and are by no means exhaustive.

Overview of Tibetan Medicine

Illustrated intro to Tibetan Medicine
Tibetan Medicinal Plants (materia medica)

Tibetan Medicine in the World Today

Connection vs. Loneliness

Loneliness is not one thing - it may be a feeling of over-work, overwhelm, stagnation, depression, or simple disconnectedness; whatever form it takes, loneliness has been shown to impact sleep, mental health, cardiovascular health, energy, anxiety/resilience, and even one's longevity. These links are for your reference only and are by no means exhaustive but mean to offer some way for you to assess your own feelings. Please note: we are not affiliates of any product, service, or site.

De Jong Gierveld Scale

UCLA Loneliness Scale

CIGNA study on pervasiveness of loneliness 2021

NIH research about loneliness and anxiety, depression, cardiovascular health, and premature mortality

NIH research about loneliness and sleep
Together, book by Surgeon General of the U.S., Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, 2021

John T. Cacioppo preeminent researcher on loneliness with bibliography of publications

Connection Practices / Projects & Culinary Therapy

There are new(ish) initiatives aiming to combat disconnectedness in various ways. These are but a few.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques for decreasing loneliness


UnLonely Project

Culinary Medicine (requires ScienceDirect login)

Cooking for psychosocial benefit

Culinary Therapy

Connecting to plants and ecosystems

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