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Signature Sauces

All of our six signature sauces are all whole foods-based, vegan, gluten- and nut-free and absent added sugars and sugar substitutes.  Each is inspired by a cuisine of the world and features a functional ingredient said to enhance beauty and radiance, tranquility, sleep quality, motivation and energy, focus and memory, or longevity and is associated with a two of the five elements. The sauces are:

Brainy Banana: earth and wind, focus and memory, Caribbean

Mustering Mustard: earth and water, motivation and energy, French

Perky Pineapple: water and wind, longevity, Filipino

Calming Carrot: fire and water, tranquility, Indian

Slumbering Sesame: fire and wind, sleep quality, Middle Eastern

Luminous Lemon: fire and earth, beauty and radiance, Italian

No sauce is meant to be medicine - but rather thematically related, flavorful, easy-to-use, and elementally inspiring.​

It's worth noting that if you have leftover sauce, they can be used in a myriad of ways - as spreads in sandwiches & wraps; in stir-fries; on pasta; - even as dips. Wecology sauces are made to be tasty, healthy, convenient, and versatile!

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