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Wecology™ is a culinary wellness adventure™ into elemental connection™ in one's own home.


Born of a New York City kitchen after its germination at Makye Ame Restaurant in Lhasa, Tibet, Wecology employs Tibetan philosophy, our  signature sauces, globally-inspired bespoke recipes, and customized soundtracks to invite you into a meditative and communal culinary adventure - with directly impactful donations.

Join Wecology and receive our six signature sauces - all of which are vegan, and absent gluten, nuts, or added sugars.  Receive accompanying recipes and original soundtracks focusing your attention on the Five Elements that transform independent ingredients into harmonious dishes. Share with others through our gifting program. Together, experience elementally connected cooking™ using Wecology's sauces, recipes, and soundtracks.


What Wecology Is

Wecology is a subscription-based adventure that employs Tibetan philosophy and soundtracks to effect re-balancing towards connectedness and harmony. 


In Tibetan Medicine, the Five Elements comprise everything - from feelings and illness to harmony and health.  Earth represents solidity; wind, mobility; fire, heat; water, moisture; and space is the pervasive room for development. Different proportions of each create variations; For instance, a lack of solidity (earth) may make one feel anxiety or insecurity; a lack of mobility (wind) may make one feel weak or stuck; a lack of heat (fire) may make one feel unmotivated or incapable; a lack of moisture (water) may make one feel tired or withdrawn; and a lack of lightness (space) may make one feel unimaginative or stifled.


The Wecology soundtracks guide you through a culinary meditation on the Five Elements; as your use the elements to transform independent ingredients into supporting -or shining light on- others to make delicious and harmonious dish/es, we guide you to focus on the elements that facilitate those transformations. These soundtracks guide you to use the elements within  you to transform your feelings or stagnation, sadness, isolation, or anything else that is holding you back to build interaction, connection, and community with the world and people around you. 

To start, Wecology will invite you to compost plant waste, donate extra portions of your prepared dishes to friends in need locally, and/or share your experiences with the Wecology community. Even if you do none of these things, your paid participation enables Wecology to donate 10% of our profits to food security, animal welfare, and biodiversity conservation organizations around the globe, connecting each of your endeavors to the elemental needs of people and nature around the world.


Wecology Sauces

All of our six signature sauces are all whole foods-based, vegan, gluten- and nut-free and absent added sugars* and sugar substitutes.  Each is inspired by a cuisine of the world and features a functional ingredient said to enhance beauty and radiance, tranquility, sleep quality, motivation and energy, focus and memory, or longevity and possesses two dominant elements out of the five.

Brainy Banana: earth and wind, focus and memory, Caribbean

Calming Carrot: fire and water, tranquility, Indian

Luminous Lemon: fire and earth, beauty and radiance, Italian

Perky Pineapple: earth and water, motivation and energy, Filipino

Slumbering Sesame: fire and wind, sleep quality, Middle Eastern

Spirited Saffron: earth and water, motivation and energy, French

No sauce is meant to be medicine - but rather thematically related, flavorful, easy-to-use, and elementally inspiring.​

Whether or not you use the suggested recipes, you can use (leftover) sauce any way you want - as spreads in sandwiches & wraps, in stir-fries, on pasta, as flavorings for soups, or even as dips!


How It Works

Sign up and choose a start date. You’ll be invited to send a subscription to a friend or family member: for those you know who might be isolated or lonely, culinary wellness could be just the way to kick start an adventure!

Every month, receive one 8-ounce jar of sauce, one or more suggested recipes, and a customized soundtrack.

Each recipe is made to be simple and convenient though, from time to time, the recipes may include a gluten free or vegan item that requires advanced purchase online or at a specialty store. You’ll be able to read the recipes in advance to shop. If you prefer to make your own recipes, set these suggestions aside and listen to the soundtracks while you prep cook your own creations.

Prepare the ingredients while listening to the soundtracks and following the prompts. This is the essence of the active meditation

If you would like to send yourself a message or send messages along with gift subscriptions, you’ll need a voice texting application like “messages” or “voice recording” on a smart phone, What’sApp, or a computer with a microphone and an .mp3 recording software. We will give you a few prompts and/or questions at sign-up to get you on your way.

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