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Elementally Connected Cooking

Wecology™ is a culinary wellness adventure™ that seeks to connect people through active culinary meditation™. Born of a New York City kitchen after its germination at Makye Ame Restaurant in Lhasa, Wecology is an experience of elemental connection™ in one’s own home.

In Tibetan philosphy, the Five Elements - fire, wind, water, earth, and space - comprise the basis of everything from thoughts to feelings to physical states - and are all interconnected. Earth represents solidity; wind, mobility; fire, heat; water, moisture; and space is the pervasive room for development. Different proportions of the five primary elements create variations. For instance, a lack of solidity (earth) may make one feel anxiety or insecurity; a lack of mobility (wind) may make one feel weak or stuck; a lack of heat (fire) may make one feel unmotivated or incapable; a lack of moisture (water) may make one feel tired or withdrawn; and a lack of room (space) may make one feel unimaginative or stifled.

When you join, Wecology sends you our six signature sauces, accompanying recipes and soundtracks, as well as access to our community-only app.  Each sauce – Brainy Banana, Slumbering Sesame, Perky Pineapple, Calming Carrot, Luminous Lemon, and Mustering Mustard – features a functional ingredient said to enhance either beauty and radiance, tranquility, sleep quality, energy and motivation, focus and memory, or longevity. Each functional ingredient has a primary - or primary pair of - element/s that is dominant. We've researched our ingredients for elemental balance, benefit, and flavor before making our sauces. Each recipe views cooking as an adventure:  our sauces are inspired by cuisines of India, the Caribbean, France, the Middle East, the Philippines, and Italy and our recipes reflect that - while aiming to be accessible both in terms of additional ingredients and equipment. All of the recipes take about 20-40 minutes of active time (excluding prepping).

Our sauces and recipes use only plant-based ingredients, without nuts, gluten, added sugars, or reliance on "alternative meats to enhance your sense of exploration and discovery - no matter if you are an omnivore, herbivore, or vegetarian or what your cooking background.

While you cook, you listen to our soundtracks and communicate with fellow seekers on our mobile app. The audio guides you to mindfully listen, breathe, chop, wash, sauté, and more, while highlighting kitchens and sounds from near and far, to advance your journey towards elemental connection. The app enables you to share your journeys and discoveries with like-minded seekers and the community around you - particularly by enabling you to donate extra portions of your homemade creations to home-bound or homeless people and families locally. We, as a organization, donate up to fifteen percent of our profits to food security organizations globally, favoring plant-based where we can. Even if all you do is buy, cook / listen, and eat, you'll have created an elemental connection - so no pressure! You can join Wecology and use our pioneering culinary wellness practice however suits you best!


Seeking Connection?

Wecology is a for anyone seeking elemental connection - whether you are in college, newcomers to -or temporarily in- a job, region, or company, newly retired, or simply overworked, over-stressed, or time-constrained. Answering this quiz can give you a starting place from which to (re)connect; we neither ask for identifying information nor store the results - this quiz is only for you!






Good but could improve!

Needs work.

Please recognize you're not alone.

If you, your friends, or your loved ones are seeking elemental connection, please support our journey towards official launch below.

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